What conditions contribute to dental implant failure?

Dental implant failure can be devastating to a patient who longed for a fully restored smile and worked hard toward that goal.

Fortunately, the patient and our SDNY specialists can take many steps to reduce the likelihood of dental implant failure.

The technique used in the implant placement procedure is essential to the long-term success of dental implants. Improper dental implant placement can cause the devices to fail prematurely.

Choosing a skilled and experienced implant surgeon can help to prevent this cause of dental implant failure. A specialist who is well-versed in the implant placement procedure is less likely to insert the devices in a fashion that increases their risk of failure.

A specialist who has placed dental implants in a large number of patients and a wide variety of scenarios is also well-prepared to identify characteristics of particular patients that can limit the durability of dental implants.

Patients must have a sufficient amount of bone material at the implant site. There must be enough quality bone available in the jaw to osseointegrate with the titanium implant. If the bone does not form a strong enough bond with the implant, the implant can fail.

Our SDNY specialists will be able to detect whether a patient is an immediate candidate for dental implant placement, or whether a preliminary bone graft will be necessary to avoid implant failure.

Similarly, patients who have active gum disease or other infections that could compromise their ability to tolerate the surgical procedure are not appropriate candidates for dental implant placement. After those conditions have been addressed, then the patient and implant surgeon can proceed with implant placement.

Patients with certain chronic conditions that are associated with inflammation, such as diabetes, may also need to make additional considerations before choosing dental implants. If you fall into this category, your dentist can make recommendations of additional precautions you need to take to maximize the lifespan of your dental implants.

To protect your investment in your dental implants, choose an experienced specialist to place the implants and work with that specialist to develop a plan to care for the implants properly. Dental implants can last for decades under the right conditions.

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