Welcome to SDNY Dental.

We welcome you as a patient of SDNY.

In this section of our Web site, you’ll find our address, a map showing our location in the heart of New York City, directions to our office and our key contact information.

We’ve also provided important patient privacy information, along with a health history form, which you may want to download and complete prior to your appointment to save time during your first visit with us.

Please feel free to contact us at any time. Our receptionists have been specially trained to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. And they will always enlist the help of the doctors in the practice when there are questions they are unable to answer.

Once you have become an SDNY patient, you will be introduced to a specific receptionist who will serve as your personal liaison with the practice and will assist you with any questions regarding treatment, as well as with scheduling, billing and insurance. Of course, our doctors will always make themselves available to answer or return your calls. If you are a new patient visiting our office for general care, please bring any dental X-rays or records that may help us better evaluate your dental health.

If your teeth have not been cleaned recently, we suggest that your first appointment be made with one of our hygienists, who will introduce you to the doctor who will examine you during your visit. If you have had your teeth cleaned recently, your initial appointment will be with the dentist to whom you were referred, or if you have not been referred to a specific dentist, you will be seen by one of the members of our practice.

Our hygienist will review your dental and medical history, speak with you generally about your dental concerns, take any digital radiographs that are appropriate for you, review your tooth brushing and dental flossing techniques, perform an oral soft tissue exam and expertly clean your teeth.

Your dentist will then meet with you, review your records and the hygienist’s findings, thoroughly examine your mouth (including an important oral cancer screening) and then discuss his or her findings with you. When indicated, other SDNY team members may also examine you, in consultation, in order to help the treatment approach most appropriate for your needs.

Our front-desk staff will make every effort to arrange appointments that are most convenient for you. We ask only that you provide us with a full 24 hours notice if you are unable to keep an appointment that is 30 minutes or less and a full 48 hours notice for longer appointments.

We understand and appreciate your financial concerns. We believe our fees are commensurate with our levels of education, experience and dental expertise. We have specially trained staff members dedicated to assisting you with financial arrangements and all of your insurance needs.

Always feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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