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Correcting crooked and rotated teeth is no longer just for kids, in fact the fastest growing segment of orthodontics today is adults. Straightening and aligning teeth can have a major impact on both the health of the teeth and gums and will markedly improve the aesthetics of your smile. Untold numbers of adults admit to being so self-conscious about their crooked teeth that they rarely allow themselves to smile fully in public or in photographs.


Having orthodontic treatment as an adult can truly be a life-altering experience; improving one’s self esteem & giving the confidence to smile freely.

Orthodontic treatment in adults requires an in-depth knowledge of not only orthodontic therapy but of the ramifications of treatment on the periodontal health of the patient. Our orthodontist is uniquely qualified to treat adult patients as he is a dual trained specialist in both orthodontics and periodontics (the treatment of gums and supporting bone). He is one of a very small number of practitioners who hold both of these specialty certificates.

Orthodontics has undergone revolutionary changes over the past decade.

Many new techniques are now available that allow orthodontic treatment to be a comfortable and painless experience. These new alternatives include: Transparent aligners (Invisalign™), tooth colored braces, micro-braces, and space-age flexible wires.

Invisalign can straighten your teeth without using unsightly wires and brackets.
This state-of-the-art system uses three dimensional computer imaging technology to fabricate a series of clear invisible plastic aligners and is considered an excellent substitute for conventional braces. These aligners enable slow and comfortable movement of your teeth into appropriate positions to correct and improve your smile. Hardly anyone would know you are wearing them as they are virtually invisible. Additionally, you can eat food without discomfort and you will be able to maintain better home care because the aligners are removed during eating and while cleaning your teeth.

Orthodontics has become an integral part of overall treatment for many of our patients — especially in more demanding aesthetic cases. In conjunction with our entire team of specialists, we are able to provide whatever treatment is needed in order to meet your special needs.

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