Implant Complications

Types of Dental Implant Complications – Common Problems with Dental Implants

Dental implants work. They are predictable and they can change a patient’s life. Today, more and more patients are choosing implants over traditional methods of tooth replacement, and most people will never have to wear dentures or bridges ever again. However, nothing in life is guaranteed and no medical procedure enjoys an absolute 100% success rate. Dental implants are no exception. For the past two decades the number of dental implants placed yearly has steadily increased.

Likewise, as these implants have now been in patients’ mouths for many years, problems are beginning to show up. Some problems are a result of the same expected normal biological issues that plague the teeth; other issues arise from improper treatment by dentists with varying levels of clinical experience. These problems being encountered need to be addressed with care and expertise. We at Specialized Dentistry of New York, are experts in dental implant complications, contact us today or call us (212) 752-7937 for an appointment.

Dental implant problems can be divided into 3 main categories:

  1. cosmetic or functional tooth-related problems
  2. problems with the bone holding the implant in the mouth
  3. problems with the gum covering the implant and the tooth

These problems can vary in severity and often present complex issues that require treatment by a dental team with an entirely separate set of skills and knowledge over and above that of most clinicians placing implants today.

Our team of dental specialists are leaders in the treatment of dental implant failures. We have years of advanced specialty training in all areas pertaining to implant dentistry. We have performed numerous research projects on dental implants, published countless papers, and we continue to lead the way as practitioners, innovators and educators in the field. For these reasons, patients from around the world seek our help for the treatment of their dental implant problems. If you have any cosmetic problems or pain with any of your dental implants, please give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.


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